Can I Use CBD for Anti-Anxiety?

An individuals using a CBD tincture.

CBD and its use for anxiety are up for debate, but there’s information available to help guide your views. Researchers, the medical community, and even the FDA have asked this same question. Can you use CBD oil to battle anxiety?

The jury isn’t out yet, but the general consensus is yes and no. The research has mixed findings, and there’s a larger issue. People often self-diagnose for anxiety or look for relief from momentary anxiety, which is different from an anxiety disorder.

Feelings of Anxiety and Anxiety Disorders

CBD is not at this time an approved treatment for anxiety disorders or recurring feelings of anxiety. There is a difference, and it’s likely that most of the people you know that “have anxiety” experience the feeling of anxiety, which is normal. Well, it’s normal until it becomes a disorder.

Anxiety disorders include General Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Social Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, and Panic Disorder. These are the five well-known types of anxiety disorders, and they require a diagnosis from a doctor. To give some perspective, Social Anxiety Disorder affects about 6.8% of adults in America.

The differences are clear, and if your feelings of anxiety are persistent and seriously impacting your life, you need to see a physician.

An individuals using a CBD tincture.

Talk to a Doctor First

Your doctor can give you a lot of insight into your anxiety disorder. First, they’ll go through and determine if you have a diagnosable anxiety disorder or persistent feelings of anxiety. Second, they’ll help you find different types of treatment. Like many other mental illnesses, you may need a multi-faceted approach with medication and therapy.

While you’re discussing treatment with your doctor, explore the natural options as well. Bring up CBD as an option for a natural supplement to your treatment plan. CBD certainly should not replace prescribed medication.

Studies Point to Possible Benefits

Researchers have found in recent years that CBD may help people who experience anxiety. That can include feelings of anxiety as well as anxiety disorders. One study from 2019 identified that 79.2% of their participants using CBD reported decreased anxiety within the first month. That’s a good sign that researchers are on the way to validating what many have speculated for years.

Unfortunately, other studies have had contradictory findings, and some have identified possible risks of CBD use. What people taking CBD should consider is their dosage and how they’re using it. If you’re using it with the goal of improving your well-being, then have a schedule. Keeping things consistent with your body, specifically the dosage.

It goes back to the old adage that more soap doesn’t always equal a cleaner result. The struggle that many researchers face and many in the industry experience is the FDA. The FDA has done its fair amount of screening for CBD products, and have made very few determinations.

Additional information or insight from the FDA could help researchers better define the scope of their projects. The World Health Organization is also somewhat involved but has only declared that it does not appear to form any habit or dependence.

So, Does CBD Help Anxiety?

Some research shows that it can have a positive impact on how you’re feeling. However, no one has stepped out and declared it a solid treatment for any anxiety disorder. It’s really left to each person and their doctor. If they are confident that CBD won’t interfere with their medication, then there’s no harm in adding a natural supplement to boost your overall well-being.

Anxiety is a feeling that many people experience, but some experience it far more, or worse, than others. For those seeking relief, the process and schedule of using CBD could help you feel differently. But it is not a miracle cure as some make it out to be. Always check the labels to make sure that you’re getting a high-quality product.

Hopefully, in the near future new testing and research will help us all understand if CBD can help address anxiety.

Where Can You Try CBD Oil?

Whether you’re feeling occasional anxiety, which is extremely common in today’s world, or you have a diagnosed disorder, consider your options. People with feelings of anxiety might prefer to use a natural option such as CBD. While those with a diagnosed anxiety disorder might use natural CBD oil to supplement their medical team’s suggested treatment.

At Alpha Botanicals, our team puts extraordinary care into our products from the time they start growing in the ground until they hit our shelves. Come to Alpha Botanicals in Greenville to explore our wide collection of CBD products.

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