How is CBD Different from Marijuana?

CBD assortments lying beside hemp plant leafs.

If you aren’t familiar with CBD products, you may not realize that CBD is a lot different from marijuana. Not only are the products themselves different, but they are used for different reasons. Some people get confused when it comes to any cannabis products. There is medical marijuana and then there’s recreational marijuana. There’s hemp and then there’s CBD. What is the difference? And, why does it matter?

For somebody in pain or dealing with anxiety and depression, any relief is welcome. Traditional treatment methods include a variety of prescription medications. Often times, these medications fall under the category of narcotics. Not only can they be dangerous, but they’re also habit forming. Alpa Botanicals understands why people are afraid to take some of these medications.

They don’t want to become addicted or accidentally take too much of the drug. Plus, these medications often make it near impossible to live a normal life. Even if they aren’t illegal drugs, that doesn’t mean they don’t produce the same effects as some illicit drugs. For example, people who take Xanax for anxiety are often unable to drive a car or even perform normal day to day functions. The same is true for people who use painkillers. If you want your normal life back, then you may want to consider CBD oils or topicals.

One thing that is important to point out is that CBD is not the same thing as marijuana. Not only is CBD legal, but it doesn’t cause the same euphoric or psychotic effects as marijuana. CBD is used to treat things like pain, anxiety and insomnia. It isn’t intended to get you high. That is why it’s so much safer than some of the other alternatives. If you’ve never tried a CBD product, you should contact us right away and find out what products may work for you.

CBD assortments lying beside hemp plant leafs.

CBD Does Not Make You High

A lot of people are surprised to learn that CBD doesn’t actually get you high. It comes from an entirely different part of the cannabis plant than marijuana. Rather than offer euphoric effects, CBD works directly to treat the pain or anxiety you’re experiencing. It really wouldn’t matter how much CBD you take, you aren’t going to feel high. If you’re looking for that kind of effect, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking for temporary relief from pain, anxiety or depression, CBD may be your best option.

When people hear CBD, they may get it confused with THC. THC is the concentration in marijuana that gets you high. There are products on the market that contain THC. However, these products are typically sold at medicinal marijuana dispensaries. Or, if you live in a state where recreational marijuana use is legal, you can find it there too. For the most part, however, marijuana is still illegal. But for people who are seeking legitimate relief, CBD oils, topicals and edibles may be the perfect solution.

There are Some Side Effects of CBD 

As with any other sort of treatment, CBD can cause certain side effects. It depends on the person, the dosage and the type of CBD you use. Ironically, one of the side effects of CBD is a reduced appetite. This is the opposite of what you find with marijuana. CBD can also lead to dry mouth or diarrhea. If you experience any of these things, you may need to change your dosage or strength. Or, you may want to try a different type of CBD all together. The other common side effects can be drowsiness or fatigue. This is why it’s a good idea to try your CBD products and see what effect it has on you. You don’t want to eat CBD edibles and hop behind the wheel of your car. You want to make sure you know how you react to it before you take any unnecessary risks.

Check Out Our Website and See What Products May Work Best for You

If you’ve never tried a CBD oil, vape or topical, you should visit Alpha Botaicals and see what we have to offer. There are a handful of different types of CBD products to choose from. They all offer relief from things like pain, inflammation and anxiety. They can also help people who have a hard time falling asleep. The kind of product you choose really depends on your personal preferences. If you have localized pain, you may want to opt for a topical CBD lotion. Or, if you have general anxiety, you may be better off with an edible or vape pen. It’s a good idea to visit our website and see which products you want to try. 

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