Is CBD Safe To Use?

A bottle of CBD oil.

A lot of questions circle around CBD use, and the top question is whether it’s safe or not. Although people are often well-aware of marijuana risks, the use of hemp is not so widely covered. It’s a reasonable concern, and you can weigh how safe it is or not by learning a bit more about CBD.

First CBD does not provide a “high,” it is also legal, and a few forms of CBD are approved for use through the FDA. Other forms are still undergoing review. The extent of safe use, like many things, brings in the factors of exactly what’s in the product, and how you use it.

Is CBD Different From Marijuana?

Yes, to start, CBD is not handled as an illegal drug that will provide a psychoactive effect. It does not contain THC; the CBD oil, which has trace elements of THC, will acknowledge it on the packaging.

To remain legal under federal requirements, CBD oil cannot contain more than 0.3% THC content. The way that manufacturers accomplish this is that they don’t use the bud of the marijuana plant. Instead, they use the actual plant material. When people refer to marijuana, they refer to the substance which is still widely illegal, and that portion of the plant only contains the flowers.

Hemp refers to the remainder of the plant, the leaves, and stalk, which are nutrient-dense. CBD is found throughout the plant material.

A bottle of CBD oil.

What is Cannabidiol?

CBD is a compound found within cannabis plant families; it naturally occurs within the plant. Cannabidiol or CBD, when referring to products, is the term for the oil extracted from the plant-primarily comprised of the CBD compound. There may be other products within the oil as well. Many manufacturers will use sunflower oil or a similar oil in addition to essential oils or extract to create desired and usable products.

For example, a manufacturer may use sunflower oil to make it easier to handle and use without introducing a non-natural element. They may then use passionflower, or ginger to add a favorable smell.

In short, CBD is often not just CBD extract but a small handful of ingredients. Consumers who are looking for CBD products should carefully go through the ingredients before making a purchase.

Are There CBD Food Products?

Some shops will carry CBD gummies, for consumption, or tinctures. Gummies are created with the CBD extract and pectin or gelatin to make it easy to ingest. However, you won’t find CBD in sour candies or other treats.

Tinctures are a different form of ingestion. Many people using CBD for wellness purposes will opt for a tincture. A tincture is a dropper of CBD oil, often of a higher concentration, that you would drop under your tongue.

CBD Oil and Surface Skin Use

Most CBD oil users prefer a skin application to ingestion. They use an oil that they can rub into their skin over the inflicted area or into specific areas to achieve desired results. Many use CBD oil for any great number of conditions or ailments.

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, many people use it on the skin in an oil or lotion form. They may experience a loss of inflammation and pain associated with that inflammation. Many beauty products are now including CBD oil as well!

Healthline acknowledges that the general public uses CBD oil for inflammation, pain, inflammatory bowel disease, depression, psychosis, and anxiety. However, the FDA has only approved one drug with CBD as the primary ingredient for prescription medication to treat seizures. You should not expect CBD oil to produce outstanding medical feats so much as to help with your general wellness.

Where Can You Get CBD Oils

Alpha Botanicals is a local South Carolina growers and refiners. Our products are made from the proprietary blends straight from our hemp farms. With outstanding dedication to quality, we can ensure that our CBD is federally compliant and legal. Additionally, we help our customers, or possible customers, by providing as much information as possible.

Our procedures for growing, harvesting, and extracting lead to top-quality CBD extract that we then use in our CBD products. We develop our CBD products with that same level of care ensuring that we monitor and control every possible element of our product creation.

If you’re ready to make a CBD purchase, head to Alpha Botanicals in Greenville and speak with one of our staff members. Have your questions answered and learn about the other brands we carry including Alamo Botanicals, Zuri, and Earthy.

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